Google has a New Feature to Translate the Screenshots, know a Google Lens

In a new update, Google has now delivered an element that permits clients to interpret a screen capture taken from a gadget utilizing Google Lens. This element is right now accessible for gadgets that are shaking Android 11 or gadgets that have moved up to Android 11.

Essentially, clients can take a screen capture of a picture that has text in some other unknown dialect and Google Lens will examine the content inside the picture and give the particular outcomes. This should be possible using an interpretation that shows up on the screen capture taken. When clients click on it, the deciphered outcome will show up on that screen capture similarly situated where the first content was.

When the content has been deciphered, clients can duplicate that text and even use it for disconnected purposes or just to share via online media stages. Nonetheless, it is to be noticed that to utilize this element in disconnected mode clients should download the separate download language packs for Google Lens.

With everything taken into account, this component is quite perfect which takes availability to the following level. At this point don’t clients need to dive into Google and search an unfamiliar book to discover what it implies as Google Lens makes it a press of a catch away?